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Different sized brands will have different goals for doing a pop-up, however, they typically tend to fall into the three big buckets of:

Revenue Generation

Brand Awareness

Customer Engagement

Not to say that you couldn’t have all three goals to aspire for, however, it is important to clarify your primary goal as that will dictate how you make decisions around aspects of your ALICEOLIVIA Woman Violet Velvet Wedge Sandals Size 37 atNgQ
and promotion strategy. Several well-known brands will do a pop-up for the sole purpose of surprising and delighting prospective customers to capture a larger share-of-mind when it comes to their brand’s positioning, whereas smaller brands want to see if they can sell their wares in retail and get feedback on their brand, shopping experience, and determine which products are winners and which will never sell.

Some questions you can ask yourself to help determine which goals work best for you, consider the following:

Are you launching a brand for the first time?

Are you announcing a new product line within an existing brand?

Are you flushing out the current season's inventory to make room for new merchandise?

Are you interested in testing new geographic regions in which to establish your brand?

Are you a highly established brand interested in marketing and customer appreciation?

Having a clear and articulate budget for your pop-up store is a critical and vital step which will help you determine some of the most important components when it comes to doing a pop-up. For example, you’ll know how much you can afford for rent which will determine which locations and properties are worth your while to scout and inquire about, or how much you can spend on designing the interior of your store, or marketing your pop-up for that matter. Here's a few items that you'll definitely want to factor in when creating your budget:




Credit Card Fees

Merchandising Fixtures


Checkout Counter



Window Display Props

Marketing and Promotion

Food and Drinks

Depending on the duration of the pop-up and your goals your budget will have additional or less items. However, once you have a rough idea of how much you’re willing to spend on your pop-up, you’re then ready to start looking for a location, which we’ll cover in the next chapter.

Next Chapter

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As the price amplitude is large, it may further trigger panic, leading to the behavior of investors to buy, sell immediately. Investors need to be wary of the risks of price volatility and be careful with leverage.

Risk point 2: The founder BM remains unknown, affecting investor confidence

The EOS's soul man, Daniel LaZrimer , is well known in the industry, and his two previous projects, BTS and STEEM, were successful. However, BM left the job after the success of the project. After he left, the projects went unattended.

Daniel LaZrimer

EOS faced the same potential risk. There are constant rumours that BM will leave the team after the main network is online. In case BM leaves after the network is online, then it will have a negative impact on community support of EOS.

Risk point 3: Major technological innovations have not been achieved as expected. The major motive of EOS is to solve the problem oflow transaction frequency and traffic congestion. The new version of TPS is lower than expected.

However, the Dawn 3.0 version of EOS.IO has a maximum TPS of 1900 in the test environment, which is far from the average TPS 3000, optimal TPS 6000 and theoretical optimal TPS 8000 in the Dawn 3.0 specification document. The latest Dawn 4.0 version has a maximum TPS in the test environment that is lower than the 3.0 version of 1900 per second. The above is the main risk point of the project, and the following is the specific analysis of the project.


Statement: If any project is doubtfully implemented, then the result of the rating or the related data to lodge a complaint (including but not limited to project operation Numbers and important team members change reason, code updates and the latest performance, etc.), analysis division team will integrate the material accordingly.

If, during the investigation process the analyst team use incorrect methods to influence the results, like changes in the project, can lead to a change in the rating of the risk level.

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